Afghan Mulberries (Toot)

Related to figs, Mulberries are known for their rich colors and sweet flavors. Afghan Mulberries (Toot) are an especially sweet variety. What many people don’t know, though, is that mulberries used to be grown specifically for their leaves, as the leaves of mulberry trees are the only food that silkworms consume. While the leaves are still used to feed silkworms, the mulberry itself has gained popularity. This tasty berry is not only sweet—it’s also chock full of healthy perks. They’re among the highest in protein when it comes to berries and are also low in calories. They’re also rich in many different vitamins, including vitamin K1, which is essential for blood clotting and bone health. Like other dried berries, you can eat these sweet treats on their own, in a granola mix or with your salads.

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